How Much Science Do I Need to Teach in this Program?

Do I have to be a scientist to work with the program?

You do not have to be a scientist to work with our program, but the science content is important. You can begin with small steps and practice the process of thinking, talking and working. You can look at your classroom arrangement and begin to use tools in various new ways. You can begin to learn the content of scientific topics and the process of “scientific ways of thinking” at the same time.

You will be working on a collaborative staff team with curriculum assistance from administrative staff. Science is seen as a comprehensive, rather than an exclusive, subject. Teachers need their skills in all subject areas in order to create a thoroughly integrated learning environment.

What if I didn't take any science in school?

Many teachers at all levels were not drawn to science classes when they were in school. This is partly because science was often poorly taught. Girls were most often not expected to be interested in science. This program could be your gateway to many new exciting topics that may have felt closed to you before.

What if I never enjoyed science?

You may find that using science in a practical, constructive manner will make science enjoyable. Part of your satisfaction in working with these subject areas is the knowledge that you are making them available to young children who will then grow up with confidence in scientific subjects.

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