Who is Best Suited to Teach in this Program?

I am a new teacher. This all seems too much for me to deal with.

Take small steps. Break it down and do it in little pieces, the same process we teach the children for their success in learning. We can assist you in learning how to design your own process. You can rid yourself of old habits and methods which have possibly impeded your growth in the past. Please remember that we are here to assist you in your development as well.

I am an infant/toddler teacher. What does this have to do with me?

Children are born investigators. They learn to explore and gain information through the use of their senses. As a teacher, you provide words to complement their experiences. As a responsive, consciously competent caregiver, you enhance the child's early learning experiences and the disposition to choose learning.

I am an experienced teacher. Do I have to throw out all of my lesson plans and activities and start over?

As an experienced teacher, you have the skills and ability in classroom arrangement, management of group and transition times, conflict resolution and a host of other areas. Many of the activities can be modified or used purposefully in the science-based program. Some new ideas will suggest themselves to you. You have permission to explore and investigate, just as the children do.

Is designing a curriculum a major challenge for teachers?

As you design more and more curricula, it will become so interesting that it will feel more like play than work. Teachers discover that Pathways to Science begins to make planning easier as ideas and projects flow and connect naturally. Satisfaction comes from experiencing the pleasure of having wonderful ideas, working collaboratively with others, reaching goals and especially seeing children thrive.

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