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Vision, Mission and Philosophy Statements

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Vision Statement

UCLA Early Care and Education inspires the next generation of life-long learners by providing:

  • High-quality, developmentally-appropriate education and care for young children;
  • A program focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion for families and staff;
  • A work environment that nurtures, values and inspires our professional staff;
  • Service to families and the University community;
  • Research-focused sites of learning for the field of education.

UCLA ECE provides care and education for children and an essential service to families by focusing on research and quality.

Mission Statement

The UCLA Early Care and Education programs provide quality child care, support families and share information and resources with the community to make a positive difference in the lives of children, in support of the teaching, research and community service mission of the University.

Philosophy Statement

We believe that early learning is relationship-based. Our fundamental goal is to establish trusting relationships among children, teachers and parents. Carefully constructed early education experiences promote exploration, critical thinking, cooperative play and the development of mutual respect.