California Department of Education Subsidized Child Care

CDE Subsidy

The California Department of Education, Early Learning and Care Division contracts with UCLA Early Care and Education to provide services to a limited number of low-income student families. A State formula using the number of family members and family total gross monthly income establishes priority within the subsidized Student Applicant Pool. Any change of income or number of family members will affect priority status for potential admission. It is very important to call ECE at (310) 825-5086 if your information changes.

Eligibility for the State Program

To be eligible for the CA State program, the total household monthly gross income must be equal to or lower than the levels shown in the chart below. If there are two parents in the home, the second parent must also be a full-time student (at any school) or working full time. CDE contracts are prioritized as follows; undergraduates and families with the lowest gross monthly household income are considered first.

Note: If your family exceeds the total household gross monthly income limit while you are in the Applicant Pool awaiting an offer, you will be removed from the CDE contract Applicant Pool and placed in the Non-CDE contract Applicant Pool (fee-paying). These income limits are effective as of July 1, 2021.

Family members in home (children and adults) 1-2 3 4 5 6
Total Household Gross Monthly Income* $5,889 $6,511 $7,441 $8,632 $9,823

* If your income varies from month to month, average your income over the past 12 months to find your household gross monthly income. Income of any siblings living at home who are age 18 or over must be included in this total. 


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