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Immediate availability at Krieger and University Village for preschool ages 2 – 4+ years. APPLY NOW! Call 310-825-2822.

UCLA Early Care and Education provides care and education for children and an essential service to families by focusing on research and quality.

News and Information

ECE welcomes a new Lead Director. ECE Interim Executive Director continues primary support role at ECE as Superintendent of PreK–12 Operations.

Enrollment Policy: Important policy updates simplify the applicant pool process!

Maven Clinic Tool: Should I keep my children home or send them to child care? This decision-making tool is an interactive site designed to walk you through through the process.

ECE Enrollment Update
ECE continues to adapt to the required changes related to COVID-19. Our #1 priority is the well-being of the children in our care, their families and our staff. We maintain compliance with all public health and safety mandates, protocols, and shifting licensing requirements.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep: How to help your child sleep through the night
Tips and suggestions for healthy sleep for your infant and toddler from Lekha M. Rao, MD - Krieger parent, pediatric neurologist, and infant sleep consultant

Hooked on Praise
Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” by Alfie Kohn