Updating Your Application

Annual Online Update

All applications must be updated yearly in order to remain active. This is an opportunity for families no longer affiliated with UCLA or no longer needing child care to remove their child's name from the waiting list as well as for families to update personal information such as address, email and phone number.


All applications must be updated annually; ECE will send you an email reminder with a deadline. Waiting list applications not updated by the deadline will be removed from the waiting list. If you would like to be reinstated to the waiting list with your original waiting list date, please send a new application and a $75 reinstatement fee (by check or money order payable to “UC Regents”) to the Early Care and Education Krieger Center, administrative offices:

Box 951785
101 Bellagio Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1785

Year-round Updates

Throughout the year, updates to your information (address, phone number, email address, etc.) must be submitted in writing to ece@ece.ucla.edu.

Early Care and Education
Email: ece@ece.ucla.edu | Phone: (310) 825-5086 | Fax: (310) 825-4449